What do we offer?

Website design - despite the existence of DARC Software and though
done by developers - implemented by DARC Advertising, why
we treat every website as an advertising tool.

In this section we will cover the following topics:

In the first three packages the main difference between them is
visual effect, while the Concept essentially captures in
a website its communication strategy and philosophy
your company.


In a website, the so-called UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) play a central role. User Experience is a set of website features that are developed to facilitate browsing and take into account the needs and purpose for which the user wants to navigate. It concerns parameters such as the points where the user will click to browse the individual subpages, the way it will reach the information, the structure of the website, the way the user interacts with it.

The User Interface includes the visual design and graphic formatting of the elements of the User Experience in such a way that the site has an attractive image that will connect Branding, aesthetics and functionality. E.g. Interface can be the form that the various "buttons" of the website have, the way the information is displayed, the graphic objects, etc. 

With the harmonious combination of UX with the UI in the design and construction, a website has the appropriate functionality, becomes user friendly, acquires a specific "identity" that reflects the design and the identity of the company itself, while all the above lead finally in an upgraded browsing experience for the user.  


With Basic construction, the Web Developer uses a theme that is presented to you directly at the development stage. With the Basic website you get such an important online presence that all businesses are required to have. The Basic website has few sub-pages of content and is recommended for businesses that have no internet presence at all. A basic construction will cover the lack of online presence by reducing the competitive disadvantage created by this lack.


In the Premium construction is now added the Web Designer who, having been trained in graphic design and development, can collaborate with the web developer and together they can now adapt to your measures a proposal which is presented to you directly at the development stage. Premium websites are distinguished for their aesthetics and are meticulous constructions with a rich number of subpages that can accommodate even the most demanding companies. In practice, Basic and Premium are very similar, because we use a ready-made theme. The difference has to do with the number of subpages and the functional and aesthetic adaptation of the theme to the extent that this is possible by the theme itself, in a way that is, Premium is an advanced form of Basic.


On the Custom website, the Art Director and the graphic designers are added to the team, who proceed to a unique hand-designed construction for you. The mockup (illustration of the construction before it goes to the development stage) is presented to you in the form of an image and in this way the construction of your unique visual art for the site begins. In Custom construction the possibilities are many and the result is always rich, since it has a large number of subpages.

With Custom design you have a unique website in the world perfectly adapted to your needs and made to display exactly how you want your profile and philosophy. It is very important that the process with the Custom website includes the mockup, ie the design of the website digitally, just as we would design a form from scratch. The mockups are presented to the client for approval ensuring that the client will see and approve the visual result before we even proceed to the development stage.


The Concept website consists of two completely different services
sectors of our company, the Web development department and
Advertising department. For more information visit
page belonging to the advertising department here.

The Concept website consists of two services
completely different sectors of our company, its
Web development department and the Advertising department.
For more information visit
page belonging to the advertising department here.


The e-shop is created by the Web Development department and often with the contribution of the Visual Communications department they work closely together to give you an online store that meets your needs. However, if your business needs something more, with the experience and knowledge of our team, it can guide you to choose from a range of tools that suit you. Also, the management courses of your e-shop that we have made especially for our customers, are constantly evolving to give you more control over your store. 

Totally Custom

A Totally Custom website is not built on a CMS but is a construction written in original code 100%. The possibilities in such a website are unlimited, as we now leave the logic of the website and move on to the logic of software. 

Visit her DARC SOFT.

Technical assistance

Technical support is about five key things

Hosting on a fast server with 99.9% uptime. This means that 99.9% of total time the server is up while only 0.1% of time can be dropped for upgrades which are usually done late at night.

Website upgrades! It is important to distinguish server maintenance from web site maintenance. Many customers confuse pure hosting (eg duckling) with the cost of technical support that we provide in our constructions. The first, however, includes only the server and its support. If the website crashes due to a technical problem with the page, they will ask the customer to build it themselves, which usually means finding a developer. Because the manufacturer is completely responsible, the customer should contact him, but a one-time charge can cost from tens to hundreds of euros as due to lack of maintenance responsibility the problems can be many. In general, the maintenance contract - hosting is the only sure and economical way for a customer to know that his website will work smoothly.

We provide 365 days of technical support (including holidays, Easter, Christmas). There is not a day that we do not technically support the website for any serious problem that arises in its operation.

1. Helpdesk business days from 9 to 6 for any question or help you need in using your dynamic website.
2. Renew domain name so that the registration is never pending, as there have been phenomena of abduction of domain names .. Abduction means that someone prepaid the domain so that when it expires it comes into possession. The problem is that it then usually demands money from the client who lost the domain. So it is completely legal to sell it as much as he wants and he can ask for 1,000 euros for the domain which he bought for only 15 euros.

Contact us because you want your website to
is beautiful, technically sound, efficient and supported
technically 365 days.