Visual Communication

- Graphic Design

Visual communication or otherwise the most widely known graphic design concerns this applied art which creates corporate identities (logos etc) artworks, prints, posters and generally visualizes anything we want to communicate usually in a static way. Animations as a specialized field have now been included in visual communication. It is obvious that a graphic designer can do both animation and web designing, but from now on the analysis will be based on the ideal way that there is a specialized person for each specialized job. Our visual communication department includes the following in house and outsource partners.

Construction of corporate identity

The corporate identity is a very important part of the communication position of any company. The logo, which is the most important element of a corporate identity is the one that ultimately impresses in the public memory and enhances the recognizability of your brand name. It is the personal position of your business and the first step in order to gain access to the consciousness of your audience. A corporate identity, however, is by no means just the logo or the graphic design of a company's visuals so that everything is related to each other.

Printed matter

The design and creation of a form can concern any company. It is important for the publications to reflect the strategy for which they were created, e.g. in a printed form, an effort must be made to place an order, while in a corporate one, the corporate philosophy must be communicated as best as possible.

Indicative forms that can be created are:

Corporate form
Food distribution form
Service presentation form (medical, corporate, etc.)


A special category of prints are the posters known to all of us that can be printed either in large size or digitally and announce events, products, offers and more. One of our competitive advantages is that we can make the posters animated so that they can be played on DARC Digital Signage channels or used on Social Media as animated banners instead of static banners.

Of course we are active in the whole range of graphic design, offering our customers:

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