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What is a Buyer Persona?

Buyer Persona is a semi-real representation of your ideal customer. Your "target" customer. It is created from the set of elements that make up an average customer of yours or even better a "target" customer. The information collected helps us to create and analyze the style and type of customers you already have, but also to create from the beginning a new Customer Persona that you would like to approach in the future.

Why is it important to create and use it?

Its creation is incredibly important in order to be able to segment the market. It allows us to classify your customers into different groups and knowing their different motivations and buying habits to better target the group we are most interested in. 

Identifying the needs and desires of customers

By evaluating the goals and needs of your customers, you have a better sense of what your prospects want from your business and what information and answers they are looking for. Understanding your Persona motivation is crucial to choosing how to sell and what kind of offer. 

In addition, it leads you to develop new products or services to meet other needs they may have. Finally, it will help you determine what marketing and sales material you will create on your website, emails, blog and social media. 

Understanding buying behavior

Understanding how your customers buy something will help you understand where and when to find them. Maybe you have a Persona who does 95% internet research before approaching a company. Knowing this will help you to get information in advance about what she is looking for, and thus approach her according to her own wants. 

Customize content according to the style of media you use most (eg Tik Tok vs Facebook)

Knowing how these Personas spend their time online and around the world provides information on how to connect with them, how to reach new customers, what types of content to create and where and how to promote it.

For example, you can not reach your LinkedIn audience in the same way that you would reach a TikTok audience. However, you can have Personas in both. 

So it would be good to have differently structured campaigns that target each audience individually but offer the same solution.  

Targeted content

Would we talk the same way to a 50-year-old bank executive and an 18-year-old football fan? Could the words "torn" and "on the contrary" be used in an advertisement for both of these groups? Of course not! Content must "speak" to its listener. Once you know what is important to them, you can plan your strategy according to this axis. All the content we create should be aimed at one of your Personas and contain information that THEY consider important. Remember, just because you, as an entrepreneur, believe that the information you provide is useful does not necessarily mean that your customers believe it. If they do not find them useful, they will not consume them. 

Creating a list of customers

Creating customer lists with specific features will help email marketing with their use. If you split your contacts based on your Personas, when you create a campaign targeting specific Personas, you can email them to this customer list and give them instant information without having to search for it themselves.

What data do we use to build it?

Some of the information we need to create a Buyer Persona 


  • demographics (age, gender, occupation, educational level, income, financial situation, etc.
  • interests that this person has (sports, food, travel and more)
  • most used media (tv, magazines, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok etc)
  • Preferred content (text, video, photo, Infographics etc)
  • we answer quick questions that help us determine which of the Personas it belongs to and collect them by filling out forms or talking to the customer


It is obvious that a company has many different Personas as customers, but it is impossible to create a communication strategy and content that successfully targets everyone. By analyzing the existing customer base and after market research in the industry in which a company operates, we can present to our customer a series of options to make the final decision on who will be our Buyer Persona. After that the Buyer Persona will be used in various aspects of our strategy, from the style of the writing to the means of spending the most money. This leads to a higher efficiency of our communication effort since our content and actions will focus on attracting customers that the entrepreneur believes will better develop his business. 

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