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Telephony, the internet and applications of all kinds offered by modern technology, solve our hands and… problems with one click. If we think about it, easy and fast communication is the basis of modern culture.

In fact, there are events in history that might have evolved differently if the people of the time could have made this "click". It is obvious that every era keeps up with its technology and has to face the challenges with the "weapons" it has. But we chose to present you with 3 of the innumerable historical events where the lack of communication played its role.

The First World War

In 1914 Europe was divided into two camps: on the one hand the alliance of England, France and Russia, and on the other the alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Few believed that war would break out, but one spark was enough to unleash the most devastating conflict in history to date. And the spark ignited on June 28, 1914.

Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, visits Austrian-occupied Sarajevo. There is an separatist movement in the region claiming union with Serbia and has organized the assassination of the archduke.

As the car with Francesco Ferdinando moves forward, a young Serb throws a grenade, which hits another car in the procession. The archduke is not injured and takes refuge in the town hall. Then he decides to continue the tour but in the turmoil the officials do not manage to tell the driver which way to follow for greater safety.

The driver turns in the wrong place. There is another member of the separatist group who shoots and kills the archduke. This event was officially the occasion for the First World War, which cost the lives of about 10,000,000 people.

If the driver could have been informed on the road about the right route, the disaster might have been averted. Timely communication would put things on a safer path…

The sinking of the Titanic

On April 14, 1912, the Titanic is in the fourth day of its maiden voyage and sails calmly in the waters of the North Atlantic. No one imagines an iceberg traveling a few miles. The collision occurs at 23:40 and the radio transmits desperately SOS with Morse code signals. The boats that receive the message respond in the same way, asking for more information to understand what is happening. At the same time, other, irrelevant messages are sent to the Titanic by the passengers' relatives to find out their news.

The system blocks due to overload and the Titanic warning signals are lost. No one knows exactly where the ship is and how dangerous it is. Three hours later it sank and only 700 of the 2,200 passengers were rescued.

Wireless was a groundbreaking achievement for the time but was not made for emergency communications. The means to make communication organized and effective had not yet been invented…

The Battle of Trenton and American Independence

The Battle of Trenton took place in 1776 in New Jersey, USA and was a turning point during the American Revolution against the British. The Americans, led by the later President George Washington, managed to win and it seems that the problematic communication played an important role.

By that time, British troops had sometimes found themselves in a difficult position but generally controlled the situation. We are now in the third year of the revolution and George Washington decides to make a daring attack on a British force led by Colonel Rall.

A British spy notices the Americans' movements and sends a sealed text message to Rall to warn him. But he does not read the message, considering that it is something insignificant, and falls asleep. The Americans attack suddenly and take a victory that changed the course of the war.

With modern means of communication, the spy would have known that Rall had not read the message and the British would have learned of the impending attack. 

The superpower of the time, England, lost the war and an unreadable message contributed to this…

The future;

Surely in 2050 someone will write a similar article for our time. What would people have avoided in 2021 if they had the system ************ **** ********* (censored by the future).

Today, however, although it does not yet have the system ************ **** ********* -it has a special feature. Unlike the Titanic era where advanced wireless was already Incomplete today we have more ways of communicating than we can manage. How many of us have asked: Do you have viber? Where do you want to be in Messenger? No send it to Whatsapp.

At DARC ADVERTISING, all we can do is use the 100% of communication tools provided by the technology of our time so that we do not bring our customers to this constant search for ways of communication and avoid mischief as much as possible.

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