Digital Marketing

Through online advertising, Brands can go far beyond their existing network to new and precisely targeted audiences. This is the case with search ads, social media ads and display ads. Digital advertising, if strategically designed and part of a campaign that is constantly evolving and improving, delivers measurable return on investment.

They fall into this category
- Social Media
Search Engines (SEM-SEO)
- To Google Ads
- Email Marketing
- video hosting platforms like Youtube

and to some extent the whole of online advertising. Of course, Social Media is now such a big part of the lives of billions of people that it is a category in itself. In any case, Digital Marketing is now the present and the future of a modern business in the advertising battlefield. 

Social Media Management

The Social Media Management service is available in packages depending on the type of business and also depending on its target. Each category can be individualized in terms of the type of one or more media that are considered appropriate to be used for promotion and promotions but also in terms of their frequency of use. Also, a fully personalized management package can be created if the needs of a business require it.

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SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and describes all those processes that need to be done in the structure and content of a website in order to be as search engine friendly as possible.

The ultimate goal is to rank the website high in the search engines and increase the website traffic through the organic results. Organic are the unpaid-advertised results of Internet search engines for the keywords that interest the user. The goal is for the search engines to judge that the content of the website is the most appropriate for what the user is looking for. 

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Google Ads

When you search for a product or service on the internet, you have probably noticed that many times in the first places of Google results appear sites of companies that have the indication "Advertising". This is part of the Google Ads service.

Google Ads is a Google advertising service that enables businesses to create online ads to reach internet users who are searching and could potentially buy their products or services. It is basically a kind of auction where Google chooses which ads to show. Advertisers compete to get the most "clicks" and offer a certain amount for each "click" on their Ad. They also choose when and where this Ad will appear.

With the Google Ads management service we increase the traffic of your website while at the same time we use all the tools provided by the platform in order to optimize the cost-profit ratio for you as much as possible.

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Email marketing

Email marketing in our time? And yet, Email marketing is still one of the most popular and effective ways of advertising. Many consider it outdated but the reality denies them. It not only remains a useful tool for targeting and implementing a digital ad, but also has a high conversion rate, ie it can convert a large percentage of potential customers into real ones. In addition, Email marketing contributes to brand awareness and retention of existing customers.

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Through Google's advertising mechanism we can also manage YouTube so that the video we have made is displayed in the five seconds that the user can not skip. We have all seen such videos and find them very annoying because we can not skip them and that is why they do their job very well. We have 5 whole seconds to pique the interest of the viewer who is watching the video and to do Branding by increasing our recognizability or even to turn the viewer into a customer if he is interested in what he will see and let the video play the whole thing.

Advertising services in this field are charged when internet users are successfully clicked on the advertisers' websites through the messages and the affiliate websites receive a portion of the revenue generated. Significantly, AdWords has become Google's primary source of revenue. Total ad revenue was $ 43.7 billion in 2012. The amount advertiser owed is determined by the number of successful leads (PPC - Pay Per Click), ie cost per 100 clicks (CPC - Cost Per). Click), cost per purchase (CPA - Cost Per Acquisition) and cost per 1000 views (CPM - Cost Per Mille). The minimum charge per 1000 views for participating in an auction is 25 cents. There is no minimum charge per click (CPC). Google also provides a list of relevant web pages for the advertiser to choose from and they charge based on CPI or CPC.

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